Name that Dog: Personalized Summer Dog Tees

Show the world how much you honor your pooch’s namesake with these boutique-style personalized dog tees. Stylish, affordable… everything you expect from Calling All Dogs!

TeeILoveEvery pet’s name carries a significance all it’s own.  Show the world how much you honor your pooch’s namesake with these boutique-style personalized dog tees.  Stylish, affordable… everything you expect from Calling All Dogs!

Shop our brand new selection of pet t-shirts with supercute graphics. Please see item descriptions for sizing.

Because You Love ‘Em What better way to heart your pet than in black and white?  The unisex I Love Dog Tee is fashioned with a classic logo and chic bordered design.  Available in S-XL sizes, $28 at Calling All Dogs.

Center of Attention A great selection of colorful type DogTeeTexanmakes this mini-ribbed tee your pet’s favorite basic.  Cool and colorful The Texan Dog Tee Shirt, $28 at Calling All Dogs.

DogTeeDotDots Nice Simple, all-white tee features a life-size initial designed in your choice of polka dots.  15 color choices of The Polka Dot Dog Tee, $28 at Calling All Dogs.

Family Share Proudly display their place in the litter.  Pet’s name surrounds the center of the Big Brother/Big Sister Dog Tees, $28 each at Calling All Dogs.


Treat and Teach: Fun-Loving Snacks for Dogs

BuddyBiscMix300Unique pet treats that promote obedience?  Its every dog lover’s dream!  Calling All Dogs is abound with a selection of premium-grade goodies for dogs.

From bake-at-home biscuits to flavorful Caribbean supplements, reward dogs with these hard to find specialties, available now at Calling All Dogs.

Above: Bountiful Biscuits Give dogs a freshly-baked delicacy with this fun to use cheese biscuit mix.  Buddy Dog Biscuit makes up to 48 homestyle treats.  Simply add water and your choice of oil to the mix.  Stays fresh in a bag of supercute burlap!  Only $8.25 at Calling All Dogs.

For great play…

TugJagToyTug-a-Jug-Jug Athletic pets will have a blast with this plastic treat dispenser, while strengthening obedience skills.  Tug-A-Jug Treat Toy is equipped with a rotating ball and stick for noise, movement and texture.   In 2 sizes, $14-21 at Calling All Dogs.

and well-being…

Coil1_002Holistic Therapy comes with a sweet & yummy taste.  100% organic CocoTherapy Organic Virgin Coconut Oil Supplement is the epitome of pure and natural.  A teaspoon a day of this treat enriches doggie’s health; can be dispensed to picky pets in a number of ways.  $18 at Calling All Dogs.

Summer Organic Totes & Dog Carriers!

Sustainable dog carriers consist of nature-loving linen, denim and hemp & are structured enough to keep your precious pooch secure at Calling All Dogs!

Time for yoOraToteZackZoeyPawPlanetur friends to catch the sunshine in chic,  eco-friendly dog carriers at Calling All Dogs.

Sustainable dog carriers consisting of nature-loving linen, denim and hemp are structured enough to keep your precious pooch secure, but lightweight enough to be a part of your Summer routine.  Plus, indulge in 5-piece collections of stylish take-everywhere pouches for toting your daily essentials, too!

MidNightTotes2Counter clockwise from Top: Hit the Hamptons with this all-natural, sustainable linen dog carrier complete with coconut-shell details.  Keep your little one safe and padded with Paw Planet’s Natural Dog Carrier, $70 at Calling All Dogs. Super-easy shopping comes with these fabulously-styled naturally dyed totes, designed to hold twice the weight of plastic grocery bags.

EcofriLaBoN copyendly Pouch Totes in garden-variety Origami, Midnight Safari and Le Bohem, (left), $38 for 5 at Calling All Dogs.


Sturdy organic denim (right) makes for a carrier that’s roomy enough for double entry.  2 side pockets hold plenty of supplies. Black/Red Organic Denim Pet Carrier, $55 at Calling All Dogs.

What’s New Is Neon: Summer Dog Wear

These NEW brightly-colored items at Calling All Dogs will keep pets looking stylish through beach and outdoor play!

BubblesCollar01Calling All Dogs is leading every trend in pet fashion, including designer dog collars in quality Summer brights.  Never fear: Blinding, electrified neons (like shoulder pads) are a thing of the past.

These NEW brightly-colored items will keep pets looking stylish and wear through beach and outdoor play. BubblesCollar02

Above: Artful leather dog collar couture with splendid embellishments.  Large and tiny breeds alike buckle on Bubbles Leather Dog Collar and Matching Leash in 5 beautiful brights; $40 each at Calling All Dogs.

Popsicle colors, minus the mess! WDPop

Wonderdog Popsicle Sport Collars ($30)  and Matching Leash ($6) in 3 colors at Calling All Dogs.

WDSagaAlso from Wonderdog: Sagamore Sport Collars and Leash are ideal for larger breeds.  Now at Calling All Dogs.

Prep Dog accessories that are Preppy Chic are perfect with pretty polos or worn alone.  Up to 20″ Preppy Polka Dot Dog Harness, Collar and pink bow Barrettes, sitting pretty now at Calling All Dogs.

The Best Guests (& Owners) Come Bearing Gifts

Indulge your favorite dog in a selection of valuable gifts at Calling All Dogs. A glam collection of luxury carriers & specialty collar charms, along with new and exciting dog toys you’ll hardly see anywhere else.

Canines deserve to feel special, any day of the year.

Indulge your favorite dog in a selection of valuable giftsFundleBeige at Calling All Dogs.  Inside, you’ll find a best-selling collection of luxury carriers, specialty collar charms along with new and exciting dog toys you’ll hardly find anywhere else.

Show Pooch the World, Hands-Free

The Fundle Pet Sling is an invaluable present for both owners and small dogs.  This wear-with-anything, patented dog carrier is designed with a super-comfortable incline that ensures your pet’s comfort while keeping your posture (up to 18lbs).  Available in great neutral beige, it coordinates with all of your Summer wear.  In 2 sizes, starting at $100 at

ruffscueDogs Reach for Their Stars wearing thAquarius

ese super-adorable ID charms, personalized with their info!  Each sign of the Astrology Dog ID Tags has its own colors & pooch along with your lucky dog’s name and number. Give the affordable and important gift of safety.  $20 each at Calling All Dogs.

hdd-10-Bday300BirthdayCake300“Hap-py Birthday….” It’s easy to say with these premium plush ‘n’ chewy toys for dogs. Boutique-style specialty toys are made for the Birthday Boy and Girl along with the squeezably-soft musical Birthday Cake… candles included!  $9.50-$10 each at

Calling All DGiftPuppy502ogs Gift Certificates are available in $25, $50 and $100 amounts are a classy solution to any occassion.  Choose a gift of Birthday, Puppy and even Holiday.  Available now!


Howl-o-ween Highlights

Halloween is dog gone fun and pups of all shapes and sizes love to get dressed up. Dogs in New York strut their stuff at the nation’s largest Halloween parade for dogs in Tompkins Square Park. Hundreds of spectators and dog owners turned out to admire dogs in uniquely creative and absolutely adorable costumes. Here are some of our favorites. Photo credits to Noonan, NY Daily News

gal_dog_costumes_05 Tammi T Bronx Biker Babes
Pug dressed as Julius Caesar AmeliaEarhart PrincessPuppy
Flower Pug Suki the "Jail Dog" from London Chiquita