What’s New Is Neon: Summer Dog Wear

These NEW brightly-colored items at Calling All Dogs will keep pets looking stylish through beach and outdoor play!

BubblesCollar01Calling All Dogs is leading every trend in pet fashion, including designer dog collars in quality Summer brights.  Never fear: Blinding, electrified neons (like shoulder pads) are a thing of the past.

These NEW brightly-colored items will keep pets looking stylish and wear through beach and outdoor play. BubblesCollar02

Above: Artful leather dog collar couture with splendid embellishments.  Large and tiny breeds alike buckle on Bubbles Leather Dog Collar and Matching Leash in 5 beautiful brights; $40 each at Calling All Dogs.

Popsicle colors, minus the mess! WDPop

Wonderdog Popsicle Sport Collars ($30)  and Matching Leash ($6) in 3 colors at Calling All Dogs.

WDSagaAlso from Wonderdog: Sagamore Sport Collars and Leash are ideal for larger breeds.  Now at Calling All Dogs.

Prep Dog accessories that are Preppy Chic are perfect with pretty polos or worn alone.  Up to 20″ Preppy Polka Dot Dog Harness, Collar and pink bow Barrettes, sitting pretty now at Calling All Dogs.