Dog Treats and Designer Dishes @ Calling All Dogs

Snacking is always in style at Calling All Dogs! Choose from the latest high-quality dog bowls, dishes and whimsical treat jars.  Add the finest healthy, organic dog treats and pet foods to the mix — an instant masterpiece.

Treat Dogs with CocoTherapy Coconut Chips All the goodness of tropical coconut meat, dehydrated sans preservatives and other unnatural baddies.  Present the chips as rewarding treats or add to pooch’s regular meals.   Can be used as cat snacks, too!  $8.50 per bag at Calling All Dogs.

Coil2Newport Mosaic Dishware for Dogs makes the perfect addition to human kitchens, too.  Moroccan-inspired mosaic print influences every meal with fabulous artistic effects.  The Newport Dishes collection features 3 sizes of dog bowls (each sold separately) and rectangular snack jar.  The collection, $40-$60 at Calling All Dogs.


Great Dog Treats & Places to Put Them


At Calling All Dogs, our pets can take joy in the finest organic and all-natural dog treats available on the market!


At Calling All Dogs, our pets can take joy in the finest organic and all-natural dog treats available on today’s market.  From irresistible coconut chips to fish and peanut butter, give dogs the tastes they will love while preserving good health.  For owners, CAD has some attractive ways to display pooch goodies and keep them fresh.

Shown above: FDA-Approved aluminum cans care for food by keeping stale air out and freshness inside.  Scoop included.  NEW 40lb size coming November 1! Reserve yours now.  Classic Dog Food Storage Cans, $60 & up at Calling All Dogs.


Large Dog Feeding – Allergy-Free There’s no funny ingredients in these fun-to-eat 2″ size dog biscuits.  Free of gluten, soy, corn, sugar or riee proteins and chock full of organic veggies, flour and fish.  Doggies will jump for Robbie Dawg Big Dog Treats in Peanut Butter & Carrot (above, left) or Skillet Fish Fry.  Just $11.25 each at Calling All Dogs.


Doggie, Doggie, Doggie Stoneware dog dishes that are free of lead and other harmful chemicals.  French-inspired Bon Chien (Good Dog) Dog Bowls are break-resistant and lasting in 3 sizes and color schemes.  $16 & up at Calling All Dogs.

All-Natural Dog Products Kit

Dog Kit
If you’ve thought about going au natural with your doggie products, but just didn’t know where to begin, the Eco-Me Natural Dog Kit is the answer. It’s like a natural pet products aisle in a single package. The kit lets you bring out your inner-Etsy and includes the bulk of the ingredients needed to make your own all-natural dog flea and bug spray, wet wipes, shampoo and dog biscuits. You just need to supply water and a few things from your pantry like vinegar and baking soda. Instructions and recipes, as well as receptacles to store your homemade products are also included in the kit. You’ve  got an au natural pup in the bag!

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Canine Kitchen Accessories

Calling All Dogs makes it easy to decorate your kitchen or dining area with accessories inspired by your pet.

When it comes to pooches, Calling All Dogs has nearly everything your heart could desire.  Essentials for your dog, vehicle and home are made with quality, style and affordability.  We make it easy to decorate your kitchen or dining area with accessories specially inspired by your pet.

Best of Show

These artisinal illustrated canisters make a beautiful arrangement, complete with your favorite breed and 3 individual sizes.   Best of Show 3-piece Canister Set, $80 at Calling All Dogs.


Optik Eating

These fabulous (and mod!) dog food bowls will keep pets dining in the best of style.  Choose from small or large sizes, or one of each!  Optik Dog Food Bowls, available now at Calling All Dogs.


Wild Cats…  or Dogs

This colorfully abstract treat jar brings safari-inspired fun to the kitchen.  Holds a super amount of dog biscuits and related treats!  Animal Safari Ceramic Treat Jar, $18 at Calling All Dogs.


Doggie in the Wilderness

Calling All Dogs has the best in sun-resistant dog beds, foolproof feeding gear along with tasty organic treats you can take with pets anywhere.


Calling All Dogs makes it easy to keep pets comfy during this Summer’s most demanding endeavors!

Inside you’ll find sun-resistant dog beds, foolproof feeding gear along with tasty organic treats you can take with pets anywhere.

Biking on the Trail MiniBikeDoggieRide

Easily tote dogs up to 50 lbs with this strong and open-sided mini trailer.  DoggyRide Dog Bike Trailer is wide and spacious enough for lounging and sunning.  It doubles for use as car security, too!  Rain cover available.  High-quality crate is available in red or green, $170 at Calling All Dogs.

Fresh Dog Food on the Go PetZenFeedKit2

Keep the germs out of your precious friends’ meals while camping, biking or beaching!  These kits contain stainless steel food and water storage that’s neat and easy to tote.  Get set with the Portable ChowPal Dog Travel Bowl Kit, shown here in Standard.  $50 at Calling All Dogs.


These allergen-free treats are found in easy travel tins, all with the organic goodness we strive for pets to enjoy.   Robbie Dawg Let’s Go For a Walk Organic Treat Tins come in flavors to suit any dog’s mood, from Peanut Butter Carrot to Brooklyn Pizza.  $5.50 each at Calling All Dogs.

Sleepin’ Under the Sun OutdoorBeds-3SPR07-300

These wide-sized cushion beds resist the ruin of dirt, water damage and excessive sun fade.  Sunbrella Outdoor Dog Beds are designed to provide comfort through every one of Summer’s dog days.  Available in 3 nature-inspired prints and shades, $168 and up at Calling All Dogs.

Treat and Teach: Fun-Loving Snacks for Dogs

BuddyBiscMix300Unique pet treats that promote obedience?  Its every dog lover’s dream!  Calling All Dogs is abound with a selection of premium-grade goodies for dogs.

From bake-at-home biscuits to flavorful Caribbean supplements, reward dogs with these hard to find specialties, available now at Calling All Dogs.

Above: Bountiful Biscuits Give dogs a freshly-baked delicacy with this fun to use cheese biscuit mix.  Buddy Dog Biscuit makes up to 48 homestyle treats.  Simply add water and your choice of oil to the mix.  Stays fresh in a bag of supercute burlap!  Only $8.25 at Calling All Dogs.

For great play…

TugJagToyTug-a-Jug-Jug Athletic pets will have a blast with this plastic treat dispenser, while strengthening obedience skills.  Tug-A-Jug Treat Toy is equipped with a rotating ball and stick for noise, movement and texture.   In 2 sizes, $14-21 at Calling All Dogs.

and well-being…

Coil1_002Holistic Therapy comes with a sweet & yummy taste.  100% organic CocoTherapy Organic Virgin Coconut Oil Supplement is the epitome of pure and natural.  A teaspoon a day of this treat enriches doggie’s health; can be dispensed to picky pets in a number of ways.  $18 at Calling All Dogs.